An Integrated Technique for Image Forgery Detection using Block and Keypoint Based Feature Techniques


  • Leela Apurupa
  • J D.Dorathi Jayaseeli
  • D Malathi





copy-move, forgery detection, adaptive over-segmentation, feature point matching, neighboring blocks, super pixels, feature points


The invention of the net has introduced the unthinkable growth and developments within the illustrious analysis fields like drugs, satellite imaging, image process, security, biometrics, and genetic science. The algorithms enforced within the twenty first century has created the human life more leisurely and secure, however the protection to the first documents belongs to the genuine person is remained as involved within the digital image process domain. a replacement study is planned during this analysis paper to discover. The key plan in the deliberate take a look at and therefore the detection of the suspected regions are detected via the adaptive non-overlapping and abnormal blocks and this method is allotted exploitation the adaptive over-segmentation algorithmic rule. The extraction of the feature points is performed by playacting the matching between every block and its options. The feature points are step by step replaced by exploitation the super pixels within the planned Forgery Region Extraction algorithm then merge the neighboring obstructs that have comparative local shading decisions into the element squares to encourage the brought together districts; at last, it applies the morphological activity to the bound together areas to ask the recognized falsification districts The planned forgery detection algorithmic rule achieves far better detection results even below numerous difficult conditions the sooner strategies all told aspects. We have analyzed the results obtained by the each SIFT and SURF and it is well-tried that the planned technique SURF is giving more satisfactory results by both subjective and objective analysis.




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Apurupa, L., D.Dorathi Jayaseeli, J., & Malathi, D. (2018). An Integrated Technique for Image Forgery Detection using Block and Keypoint Based Feature Techniques. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3.12), 505–511.
Received 2018-07-24
Accepted 2018-07-24
Published 2018-07-20