Multimodal Authentication of Ocular Biometric and Finger Vein Verification in Smartphones: A Review


  • Dheeraj Hebri
  • Vasudeva .





Multimodal Authentication, Ocular biometric system, finger vein verification, personal identification.


Biometric authentication has demanded a lot of attention from the researchers in the current age, as the field aimsto identify human behavioral charcteristics based on fingerprint, finger vein, ocular, face, palm, etc. So, this field is useful in many applications for offering security and authentication of industry or business. Also, the multimodal biometric system is used to provide a greater security and higher reliability that combines two or more biometric identifiers. Finger vein and ocular-based multimodal biometric authentication system are one of the major techniques which have been considered for efficient identification and verification purpose. This system mainly works in some common stages which include, scanning of finger vein and ocular, pre-processing, feature extraction and matching of finger vein and ocular in a database as well. This paper attempts to review various recent and advanced multimodal finger vein and ocular biometric authentication systems. Finally, possible directions in the multimodal biometric authentication system for the future work are also discussed.




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