Smart Shoe for Visually Impaired Person


  • N Vignesh
  • Meghachandra Srinivas Reddy.P
  • Nirmal Raja.G
  • Elamaram E
  • B Sudhakar







Eyes play important role in our day to day lives and are perhaps the most valuable gift we have. This world is visible to us because we are blessed with eyesight. But there are some people who lag this ability of visualizing these things. Due to this, they will undergo a lot of troubles o move comfortably in public places. Hence, wearable device should design for such visual impaired people. A smart shoe is wearable system design to provide directional information to visually impaired people. To provide smart and sensible navigation guidance to visually impaired people, the system has great potential especially when integrated with visual processing units. During the operation, the user is supposed to wear the shoes. When sensors will detect any obstacle, user will be informed through Android system being used by the user. The Smart Shoes along with the application on the Android system shall help the user in moving around independently.


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Vignesh, N., Srinivas Reddy.P, M., Raja.G, N., E, E., & Sudhakar, B. (2018). Smart Shoe for Visually Impaired Person. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3.12), 116–119.
Received 2018-07-20
Accepted 2018-07-20
Published 2018-07-20