Modeling Transport Layer Protocol Behaviour to Improve Data Center Network Performance

  • Authors

    • Amitkumar J. Nayak
    • Amit P. Ganatra
  • Data Center Network, Transport Protocol, Multipath Transport, Data Center TCP, Multipath TCP.
  • Today, there is a generalized standard usage of internet for all.The devices via multiple technologies that facilitates to provide few communication methods to scholars to work with. By forming multiple paths in the data center network, latest generation data centers offer maximum bandwidth with robustness. To utilize this bandwidth, it is necessary that different data flows take separate paths. In brief, a single-path transport seems inappropriate for such networks. By using Multipath TCP, we must reconsider data center networks, with a diverse approach as to the association between topology, transport protocols, routing. Multipath TCP allows certain topologies that single path TCP cannot use. In newer generation data centers, Multipath TCP is already deployable using extensively deployed technologies such as Equal-cost multipath routing. But, major benefits will come when data centers are specifically designed for multipath transports. Due to manifold of technologies like Cloud computing, social networking, and information networks there is a need to deploy the number of large data centers. While Transport Control Protocol is the leading Layer-3 transport protocol in data center networks, the operating conditions like high bandwidth, small-buffered switches, and traffic patterns causes poor performance of TCP.  Data Center TCP algorithm has newly been anticipated as a TCP option for data centers which address these limitations. It is worth noting that traditional TCP protocol.



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    J. Nayak, A., & P. Ganatra, A. (2018). Modeling Transport Layer Protocol Behaviour to Improve Data Center Network Performance. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3.12), 19-22.