Project Workflow Management: A Cloud based Solution-Scrum Console


  • Rajeev Tiwari SCS, UPES
  • Shuchi Upadhyay UCALS,Uttaranchal University
  • Gunjan Lal DevOps Engineer, Abode
  • Varun Tanwar DevOps Engineer, PhonePe





Agile, Scrum, Performance, Manage, AWS, reliable, Scalable, high availability, Hibernate, AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


Today, there is a data workload that needs to be managed efficiently. There are many ways for the management and scheduling of processes, which can impact the performance and quality of the product and highly available, scalable web hosting can be a complex and expensive proposition. Traditional web architectures don’t offer reliability. So in this work a Scrum Console is being designed for managing a process which will be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) [2] which provides a reliable, scalable, highly available and high performance infrastructure web application. The Scrum Console Platform facilitates the collaboration of various members of a team to manage projects together. The Scrum Console Platform has been developed using JSP, Hibernate & Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition Database. The Platform is deployed as a web application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk which automates the deployment, management and monitoring of the application while relying on the underlying AWS resources such EC2, S3, RDS, CloudWatch, autoscaling, etc.


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