Design and Development of Street Crack Detection


  • Mr Swapnil Vilas Patil
  • Prof. Mangesh M. Ghonge
  • . .





Crack Detection, Crack Characterization, Structured Tokens, Structured Learning, Crack Type Characterization and Mapping.


Automated detection of street cracks is a crucial project. In transportation preservation for driving safety assurance and detection a crack manually is an exceptionally tangled and time excessive method. So with the advance of science and generation, automated structures with intelligence have been accustomed examine cracks instead of people. For crack detection and characterization image processing is used widely. But because of the inhomogeneity along the cracks, the inference of noise with the same texture and complexity of cracks, image processing remain challenging. In this paper, we focused on the system performance and the additional features. System which has crack detection accuracy issue, false detection of crack issue, efficiency issue are solved in this system. For better accuracy in detecting crack and increasing the performance of the system we used the random forest algorithm. This system help to detect and characterized the crack and it find out crack from noise also i.e. it neglect the noise better than existing system. Similarly, proposed method find out the length of the crack width and depth of the crack from image with the help of ground truth image.





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Accepted 2018-07-06
Published 2018-07-07