Modern shopping cart with automatic billing system using load sensor


  • D Kavitha
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Barcode Reader, LCD Display, RS-232, Micro-Controller, Trolley


A survey of people’s shopping habits has been completed recently and they've come up with the top 10 list of the things that people hate when supermarket shopping. These figures were taken from a survey of 2500 people on their supermarket shopping habits. There is no surprise on the number one issue - It was long queues at the check-outs with 62 per cent of the people surveyed stating this to be their big issue when shopping in a super market. So we have enhanced an idea to avoid long queues by providing SMART TROLLEY. Here we have provided a barcode reader and digital display in order to display the total amount of the shopping. It has two additional functionalities to make this Trolley more efficient. It has a LOAD CELL to detect the mal practice. In addition, we have provided IN SWITCH and OUT SWITCH for customer ease of use.




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