Soft computing and bioinspired computing techniques for stock market prediction-a comprehensive survey

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    Stock Market Prediction (SMP) is one of the most important and hottest topics in business and finance. The main goal of SMP is to develop an efficient technique to predict stock values and achieves accurate results with minimum number of input data. This research paper reviews currently available SMP techniques based on soft computing and bio inspired computing algorithms. Many issues in-volved in the SMP are identified and different techniques are studied along with their merits and demerits to find the most suitable one. This paper also analyses the performance of various techniques with respect to some metrics including MSE, RMSE, MAD, MAPE, AAE and Hit ratio. The reviewed papers are classified in terms of number of input variables, prediction method and evaluation parame-ters used. A tabular representation of all the SMP techniques is presented to facilitate the future comparison. From the reviewed paper, it is noticed that the integration of soft computing with the bio inspired algorithms has the potential to predict the stock market index with high accuracy and achieves best result than soft computing method alone.



  • Keywords

    Stock Market Prediction (SMP) is one of the most important and hottest topics in business and finance. The main goal of SMP is to develop an efficient technique to predict stock values and achieves accurate results with minimum number of input data. This

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