Implementation of key-cryptosystem for efficient data sharing in cloud environment

  • Authors

    • Roaa Falih Mahdi
    • Salman Goli
    • Jumana Waleed Diyala University
  • Key-Cryptosystem, Data Sharing, Distributed Computing, Cloud Environment.
  • The distributed storage based on data recovery administration is a promising innovative way that mounts market actively sooner rather than later. However, in spite of the various studies which have been done in terms of secure information recovery over encoded information in cloud administrations, the majority of these studies concentrated on the strict security given to information in an outside space. Those methodologies oblige dynamite expenses to unify on cloud administration supplier that can be an important hindrance to accomplish productive information recovery in distributed storage. In this paper, a proficient information recovery plan utilizing property based encryption was proposed. The proposed plan is most appropriate for distributed storage frameworks with the gigantic measure of infor-mation. Affluent expressiveness as access control and quick pursuits with straightforward examinations of looking elements were given. Additionally, the plan ensures information security and client protection among information recovery process.



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    Falih Mahdi, R., Goli, S., & Waleed, J. (2018). Implementation of key-cryptosystem for efficient data sharing in cloud environment. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3), 1172-1176.