A hybrid elman neural network predictor for time series prediction

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    Artificial Neural Networks have become popular in the world of prediction and forecasting due to their nonlinear nonparametric adaptive-learning property. They become an important tool in data analysis and data mining applications. Elman neural network due to its recurrent nature and dynamic processing capabilities can perform the prediction process with a good range of accuracy. In this paper an Elman recurrent Neural Network is hybridised with a time delay called a tap delay line for time series prediction process to improve its performance. The Elman neural network with the time delay inputs is trained tested and validated using the solar sun spot time series data that contains the monthly mean sunspot numbers for a 240 year period having 2899 data values. The results confirm that the proposed Elman network hybridised with time delay inputs can predict the time series with more accurately and effectively than the existing methods.



  • Keywords

    Elman Neural Networks; Time Series Prediction; Solar Sun Spot Numbers; Artificial Neural Networks.

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