Analysis of modern modeling methods in problems of stabilization of motions of mechatronic systems with differential constraints

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    The most important problem of controlling mechatronic systems is the development of methods for the fullest possible application of the properties of our own (without the application of controls) motions of the object for the optimal use of all available resources. The basis of this can be a non-linear mathematical model of the object, which allows to determine the degree of minimally necessary interference in the natural behavior of an object with the purpose of stable implementation of a given operating mode. The operating modes of the vast majority of modern mechatronic systems are realized due to the steady motions (equilibrium positions and stationary motions) of their mechanical components, and often these motions are constrained by connections of various kinds. The paper gives an analysis of methods for obtaining nonlinear mathematical models in stabilization problems of mechanical systems with differential holonomic and non-holonomic constraints.


  • Keywords

    differential constraints; stability; stabilization; vector-matrix equations.

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