Contrast Enhancement of Grayscale and Color images using Adaptive Techniques


  • Mariena A A
  • J G.R Sathiaseelan





Contrast Enhancement, Histogram Equalization, Measure of Contrast, Morphology, Sigmoid Function.


Contrast enhancement is an emerging research area in digital image processing domain. It is an important factor in any subjective evaluation of image quality in medical image processing. As there are possibilities for degradation of image quality during the acquisition, there arises the need of an efficient contrast enhancement technique that can remove the redundant pixels from the images prior to final processing. In this paper, we have proposed two adaptive approaches for contrast enhancement. The first approach is used for enhancing grayscale image using mathematical morphology and second approach is for color image using enhanced sigmoid function. The enhancement process of grayscale image was evaluated by using PSNR and that of color image was evaluated by using a factor called measure of contrast. The experimental results indicate that the two proposed methods show better performance for image in grayscale as well as in color.



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Accepted 2018-04-20
Published 2018-04-20