Innovations and recent trends in Shape Memory Alloy: a review

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    Smart materials are materials, which have a definite response to stimulus provided through a change in pressure, temperature and termed as shape memory alloys (SMA). In this review, the general concept of SMA’s has been discussed along with shape memory effects. Shape memory material properties depend on phase shifting phenomena, which consist of pseudoelasticity and thermoelasticity. The basic SMA such as Ni-Ti (Nickel-Titanium) alloys, Copper (Cu) based SMA, Iron (Fe) based SMA are commonly used in the industry, Ni-Ti alloys are expensive but it has good super elasticity and superior mechanical properties. Cu and Fe based are economical as compared to the Ni-Ti alloys. The various fabrication techniques and common composition of the alloys have been discussed with in detail.


  • Keywords

    Shape Memory alloy; Nickel-Titanium.; Fabrication Techniques of SMA; Actuators; Nitinol.

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