Temperature based fan speed control and observing utilizing arduino


  • Dr M. Nagabhushana Rao
  • p Lalitha Devi
  • k K. Mahitha
  • k Prem Kumar






Fan Regulator, Sensor, LM35, Aurdino UNO.


For the most part in various climatic conditions individuals will attempting to control the speed of the roof Fan in their room by physically controlling the Fan controller. Yet, by doing this physically is somewhat repetitive undertaking and not exact. Switching Fan regulator more often through manual control may damage the regulator and sometimes leads to current shock. The above discussed problems can be avoided by implementing the speed control mechanism of the fan in automatic way. A sensor is placed in the room to sense the room temperature in degree centigrade. As indicated by distinguished temperature a control circuit will control the speed of the fan. On the off chance that the room temperature is all the more, at that point the speed of the fan will increment. In the event that the room temperature is less, at that point the speed of the fan will naturally diminishes by the control circuit. The innovation OR the circuits utilized as a part of this undertaking are temperature sensor like LM35, and an aurdino UNO.




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