Critical evaluation of classifiers in data stream mining

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    Over past decade there has been a significant increase in the volume of online data. Extracting meaningful knowledge from this high volume data is considered as important aspect of research. It is very difficult to completely store full data, because of its perpetual nature. Therefore, analysis is needed while the “data is moving”. This moving data is known as data stream and analyzing it without storing it completely is termed as data stream mining. In recent years, many new techniques have been proposed to overcome the challenges of data stream mining. In this paper, we review the operation of popular streaming algorithms highlighting their strength and weaknesses. We also evaluate the classifiers used in these algorithms against two popular benchmark datasets namely (a) forest cover (forest) and (b) german credit available at UCI repository. Finally, we present our critical observation and draw conclusions on the basis of our analysis.



  • Keywords

    Classification; Clustering; Data Stream; Random Forest; Stream Mining.

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