An Image Sharing Technique Using QR Code Through Cloud for Mobile Devices

  • Authors

    • N Aysha Farina
    • Jossy P George
    • Joseph Varghese Kureethara
  • QR Code, Encryption, Communication, Image Transfer, Image Sharing, Cloud Computing
  • Image sharing is a very important task in the digital communication. Images of various resolutions are transferred every moment electronically. Cloud computing and associated security concerns motivate every increasing research in this field. This paper is about an image sharing technique using the famous Quick Response (QR) Code which is very popular now. We have a web application also associated with this.

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    Aysha Farina, N., P George, J., & Varghese Kureethara, J. (2018). An Image Sharing Technique Using QR Code Through Cloud for Mobile Devices. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(2.6), 176-181.