Applications of neural network based methods on stock market prediction: survey

  • Authors

    • Avilasa Mohapatra
    • Smruti Rekha Das
    • Kaberi Das
    • Debahuti Mishra
  • ANN, Financial Forecasting, Stock Market Prediction.
  • Financial forecasting is one of the domineering fields of research, where investor’s money is at stake due to the rise or fall of the stock prices which unpredictable and fluctuating. Basically as the demand for stock markets has been rising at an unprecedented rate so its prediction becomes all the more exciting and challenging. Prediction of the forthcoming stock prices mostly Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based models are taken into account. The other models such as Bio-inspired Computing, Fuzzy network model etc., considering statistical measures, technical indicators and fundamental indicators are also explored by the researchers in the field of financial application. Ann’s development has led the investors for hoping the best prediction because networks included great capability of machine learning such as classification and prediction. Most optimization techniques are being used for training the weights of prediction models. Currently, various models of ANN-based stock price prediction have been presented and successfully being carried to many fields of Financial Engineering. This survey aims to study the mostly used ANN and related representations on Stock Market Prediction and make a proportional analysis between them.

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