Novel optimization using hierarchical Path finding A* (HPA*) algorithm for strategic gaming setup

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    In game Industry, the most trending research area is shortest path finding. There are many video games are present who are facing the problem of path finding and there is various algorithms are present to solve this problem. In this paper brief introduction is given in the most using algorithm for path finding and A* algorithm has been proved the best algorithm for resolving the problem of shortest path finding in games. It provides the optimal solution for path finding as compare to other search algorithm. At the start of the paper, brief introduction about the path finding is given. Then the reviews of different search algorithm are presented on the basis of path finding. After that information of A* algorithm and optimization techniques are described. In the last, application and examples how the path finding techniques are used in the game is addressed and future work and conclusion are drawn.

  • Keywords

    Path Finding, Optimal Path, A* algorithm, Shortest Path, A* Optimization, Hierarchical Path finding A* (HPA*)

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