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Vol 7, No 4.43 (2018): Special Issue 43

Applied Research in Agricultural Biotechnologys  (ARAB)


Chief Editor: Dr. Mahdi Esmaeilzadeh, Scientific Research Publishing House;
Guest Editor:
1) Dr Nadiawati Alias
2) Assoc Prof Dr Khamsah Suryati Mohd

Table of Contents


Evaluation on Accessibility and Usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Insights from Smallholders in Johor, Malaysia

Nadzifah Yaakub, Amirul Arif Bin Ab Aziz, Fazleen Abdul Fatah Pages: 1-5

Effect of Heat Stress on Pregnancy Outcomes in Sprague Dawley Rats

Nur Akmar Nadhirah Mohd Nor, Mohd Nizam Haron, . . Pages: 6-9

Bacteriophages as Biocontrol Agent in Food Safety

Ga Yarn Wai, John Yew Huat Tang, Son Radu Pages: 10-18

Evaluation of Yield Performance and Variation on its Adaptation-Related Traits of Hybrid Maize to Local Environment in Terengganu, Malaysia

Mohd Nozulaidi Nordin, Mohd Khairi Che Lah, Nadiawati Alias, Wan Musa Wan Muda, Nashriyah Mat, Norhayati Ngah Pages: 19-23

Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Different Plant Parts of Garcinia prainiana- an Endangered Plant

Gogula Selvi Asang, Nur Nasrah Mohd Khairuddin, Nadiawati Alias, Aryati Ahmad, Wan Rohani Wan Taib Pages: 24-28

Assessment of Seasonal and Spatial Surface Marine Water Quality Variation in Semerak River Estuary, Malaysia

Mohd Saiful Samsudin, Azman Azid, Saiful Iskandar Khalit, Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin, Fathurrahman Lananan Pages: 29-35

Physicochemical Characteristics and Sensory Evaluation of Mixed-Fruit Leather

Lee-Hoon Ho, Nur Suhaiba Shafii, Norshazila Shahidan Pages: 36-41

The Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Aeromonas Hydrophila Infection of Marketed Catfish in Besut, Terengganu

Fatin Nabilah Binti Meor Aziz, Noor Afiza Badaluddin, Norshida Binti Ismail Pages: 42-45

Effects of Different Harvesting Ages on Chemical Composition of Five Napier Grass (Pennisetum Purpureum) Varieties

Nurul Aini Kamaruddin, Aiza Nadira Zulkifli, Normala Ahmad, Jamil Zakaria Pages: 46-49

Effect of Effective Microorganisms (EM1®) on Microflora Population and Carcass Yield of Quails

Nur-Sara Jasmin Ahmad Sanusi, Norshida Ismail, Noor Afiza Badaluddin, Zarizal Suhaili, Ahmad-Syazni Kamarudin Pages: 50-53

Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide and Methyl Eugenol on Fruit Growth, Yield and Fruit Fly Infestation of Syzygium Samarangense

Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker, Siti Zuriani Ismail, Nurul Hafiza, Nashriyah Mat, Norhayati Ngah Pages: 54-58

Proximate and Mineral Composition of Anabas Testudineus (Climbing Perch) in Peninsular Malaysia

Nor Syakirah Hanim Mohd-Khairi, Muslimatun Arizal, Ha Hou Chew, Nguang Siew Ing, Poh Seng Chee, Mhd Ikhwanuddin, Connie Fay Komilus Pages: 59-63

Potential Utilization of Rubber Seed Meal as Feed and Food

Lukman Abiola Oluodo, Nurul Huda, Connie Fay Komilus Pages: 64-71

Proximate and Mineral Compositions of Rice Field Eel Monopterus Albus

Muslimatun Arizal, Nor Syakirah Hanim Mohd-Khairi, Hou Chew Ha, Siew Ing Nguang, Mhd Ikhwanuddin, Seng Chee Poh, Connie Fay Komilus Pages: 72-77

Propolis: Traditional uses, Phytochemical Composition and Pharmacological Properties

Khamsah Suryati Mohd, Nor Elani Mat Nafi, Ammira Shafiqha Abdul Khadar, Ainur Awanis Mohd Badiazaman, Aulia Rani Annisava Pages: 78-82

Pollution Sources Identification of Water Quality Using Chemometrics: a Case Study in Klang River Basin, Malaysia

Mohd Saiful Samsudin, Azman Azid, Saiful Iskandar Khalit, Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin, Fathurrahman Lananan, Hafizan Hafizan Juahir Pages: 83-89

Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Stingless Bee Propolis from Different Extraction Methods

Nur Basyirah Md Zin, Azierah Azemin, Muhammad Muslim Mohd Rodi, Khamsah Suryati Mohd Pages: 90-95

Antibacterial Activity of Lemongrass-Scented Betel Herbal Tea

Mazaitul Akma Suhaimi, Lee-Hoon Ho, John-Yew-Huat Tang, Kamarul ‘ Ain Mustafa Pages: 96-101

Improving Physicochemical Properties of Minced Fish by Adding Quail Bone Gelatin

Nurul Shahira Samsudin, Nuraliah Aminal’lah, Ahmad Syazni Kamarudin, Nurul Huda, . . Pages: 102-105

Application of GCMS and FTIR Fingerprinting in Discriminating Two Species of Malaysian Stingless Bees Propolis

Nurhamizah Ibrahim, Abdul Jamil Zakaria, Zhari Ismail, Yusuf Ahmad, Khamsah Suryati Mod Pages: 106-112

Detection, Isolation and Antimicrobial Testing of Listeria monocytogenes in Chicken from Supermarket

John Yew Huat Tang, Aisyah Amirah Ismail, Noor Afiza Badaluddin Pages: 113-116

Feasibility and Acceptibility of EatSAFE-StopWASTE© Mobile App

John Yew Huat Tang, Mohd Razif Shahril Pages: 117-121

Effect of Probiotics (EM-1) Addition on Quality Characteristics of Quail Meat

Nik Mohd Fadzli Bin Nik Omar, Ahmad Syazni Kamarudin, Nurul Huda Pages: 122-126

Comparative Study of Three Different Extenders on Fresh, Chilled and Cryopreserved Mafriwal Bull’s Sperm

Nur Amalina N, Asmad K, Zawawi I Pages: 127-134

Application of Drone System for Land Cover Changes in Tembi-la Mangrove Forest and Pasir Akar Farm

Mohamad Fakromi Naim Mohamad Rosli, Saiful Iskandar Khalit, Nurul Aini Kamaruddin, Noor Afiza Badaluddin, Marryanna Lion, Tariq Mubarak Husin Pages: 135-139

Determination of Nitrogen Fixing Capacity of Bacteria Isolated from the Rhizosphere of Acacia Mangium from the BRIS Soil of Tembila, Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia

Zakiah Mustapha, Radziah Othman, Nur Laili Samsurrijal, Nashriyah Mat, Abd Jamil Zakaria, Nor Hasima Mahmod Pages: 140-144

Chromaticity Stability of Beta-Carotene from Pumpkin (Cucurbita Moschata)

Rashidi Othman, Ainaa Eliah Abu Bakar, Noraini Mahmad, Norshazila Shahidan Pages: 145-148

Drying and Extraction Methods Effect on Biochemical and An-tioxidant Capacity of Malaysian Wild Edible Vegetables

Zalilawati Mat Rashid, Natasha Aziz, Nashriyah Mat Pages: 149-153

Melting Characteristics of Milk Chocolate with Different Sweetener Blends

Nurul Zaizuliana Rois Anwar, Nur Afifa Hashim, Noroul Asyikeen Zulkifli Pages: 154-157

Carotenoid Content and Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE) of Seven Varieties of Mas Cotek (Ficus deltoidea) Leaf Extracts

Azrina Ismail, Norshazila Norshazila, Rashidi Othman, Nashriyah Mat Pages: 158-163

Callus Induction from Leaf Explants of Mas Cotek (Ficus Deltoidea var. bilobata) Treated with 6-Benzylaminopurine (BAP) and 4-Amino-3, 5, 6-Trichloropicolinic acid (Picloram)

Azrina Ismail, Norshazila Norshazila, Rashidi Othman, Nashriyah Mat Pages: 164-167

Physico-Chemical Properties of Bread Made of Frozen Dough Incorporated with Rubber Seed ( Hevea Brasiliensis) Flour Stored at Different Storage Temperature

Noroul Asyikeen Zulkifli, Nadia Syahirah Zulkefli, Ho Lee Hoon, Maaruf Abd. Ghani Pages: 168-173

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