A forecast study about the expected number tourists at city hotels in Dubai during expo year 2021

  • Authors

    • A. A. Sathakathulla Modul University Dubai
    • Ganesh Ananthi BMC International college, Singapore.
  • Dubai Tourism, Expo-2020, Forecast, Number of Tourist.
  • Tourism has become the world’s third largest export industry after fuels and chemicals. The causality between inbound tourism and economic growth is bi-directional. These establishments like many others around the world and in the Emirates have seen a steep decline in the tourism department, in particular customer’s arrival and their number of days stay-in reputed hotels in Dubai. Obviously, it is due to the Pandemic and related worldwide travel restrictions. This business issue is taken into consideration, based on past data about a decade to improve customer’s expectations that makes economic development in Dubai tourism department. The forecast analysis is made by two key variables Tourists V/s nights they stay in. To arrive suitable forecast value, the analysis is done by three different methods based on extraneous variables in this current pandemic scenario.



    Author Biography

    • A. A. Sathakathulla, Modul University Dubai
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    A. Sathakathulla, A., & Ananthi, G. (2021). A forecast study about the expected number tourists at city hotels in Dubai during expo year 2021. SPC Journal of Social Sciences, 3(1), 46-49. https://doi.org/10.14419/jsc.v3i1.31777