Impact of covid -19 among smokers in Oman

  • Authors

    • A. A. Sathakathulla Modul University Dubai
    • M. G. Fajlul Kareem University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • Pandemic, Covid-19, Tobacco in Oman, Smoking Habit, Tobacco Elasticity, Income.
  • This study will revolve around recent tobacco-users during this pandemic Covid-19 scenario and threat to the smokers. The young smokers are increasing day by day exponentially around the world and a big challenge to parents and governments. In Oman, the number of smokers and tobacco sales is increasing rapidly year by year. This pandemic situation hurdled the movement worldwide; Covid-19 is a big threat to the community with high risk for infected people with comorbidity. As per WHO guidelines the smokers have high risk of Covid-19 infection with high mortality chances. This study reveals around the impact of Covid-19 among tobacco users in Oman during this pandemic.



    Author Biography

    • A. A. Sathakathulla, Modul University Dubai
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    A. Sathakathulla, A., & G. Fajlul Kareem, M. (2021). Impact of covid -19 among smokers in Oman. SPC Journal of Social Sciences, 3(1), 41-45.