E6 Addressing Scheme and Network Architecture

  • Authors

    • Dmitry Anatolyevich Zaitsev International Humanitarian University, Ukraine
    • Sergey Ivanovich Bolshakov International Humanitarian University, Ukraine
  • The paper describes new E6 addressing scheme for the creation of world-wide networks totally constructed on the base of Ethernet technology. Hierarchic E6 addresses with the length of 6 octets are used instead of both Ethernet MAC-addresses and IP-addresses that allows the routing within world-wide networks and cuts overhead of TCP, IP headers; the address space is extended in 16K times regarding IP addresses. Standard Ethernet LLC2 facilities are employed for guaranteed delivery of information. E6 Network Architecture simplifies packets processing algorithms that improves the network performance and QoS.

    Author Biographies

    • Dmitry Anatolyevich Zaitsev, International Humanitarian University, Ukraine

      Dr.Sci.. Professor

      Cair of Computer Engineering

    • Sergey Ivanovich Bolshakov, International Humanitarian University, Ukraine

      Ph.D., Associate Professor,

      Chair of Computer Security

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    Zaitsev, D. A., & Bolshakov, S. I. (2012). E6 Addressing Scheme and Network Architecture. Journal of Advanced Computer Science & Technology, 1(1), 18-31. https://doi.org/10.14419/jacst.v1i1.6