Study of error control capability for the new moduli set \({2^{2n+1}+2^{n}-1, 2^{2n+1}-1, 2^{n}-1, 2^{3n},2^{3n+1}-1}\)


  • Samira Modiri
  • Ali Movaghar
  • Ali Barati





In this paper, a new 3-moduli set {22n+1+2n-1, 22n+1-1, 2n-1} with an efficient residue-to-binary converter using mixed radix conversion algorithm is presented. Moreover, by adding two redundant modulus {23n, 23n+1-1}, a new moduli set in redundant residue number system is provided that can correct up to (2n+2) error bits. Simulation results of the error control algorithm's functionality with C++ programming language for 10'000 different error bits states show that the average percent of error detection capability using the proposed moduli set by setting n=2 is equal to 77.97%.

Author Biographies

Samira Modiri

Ali Movaghar

Ali Barati

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