Exploration on traveling wave solutions to the 3rd-order klein–fock-gordon equation (KFGE) in mathematical physics


  • Nur Hasan Mahmud Shahen European University of Bangladesh
  • Foyjonnesa . European University of Bangladesh
  • Md. Habibul Bashar European University of Bangladesh






The Expansion Method, Nonlinear Evolution Equation, Exact Solution, 3rd-Order Klein–Gordon Equation, Mathematical Physics.


In this paper, the -expansion method has been applied to find the new exact traveling wave solutions of the nonlinear evaluation equations (NLEEs) by utilizing 3rd-order Klein–Gordon Equation (KFGE). With the collaboration of symbolic commercial software maple, the competence of this method for inventing these exact solutions has been more exhibited. As an upshot, some new exact solutions are obtained and signified by hyperbolic function solutions, different combinations of trigonometric function solutions, and exponential function solutions. Moreover, the -expansion method is a more efficient method for exploring essential nonlinear waves that enrich a variety of dynamic models that arises in nonlinear fields. All sketching is given out to show the properties of the innovative explicit analytic solutions. Our proposed method is directed, succinct, and reasonably good for the various nonlinear evaluation equations (NLEEs) related treatment and mathematical physics also.



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