Estimation of the earth's albedo over some selected area the Republic of Chad


  • Zakaria Marouf BARKA université des montagnes
  • Théophile Lealea University of Dschang,Dschang
  • Rene Tchinda University of Dschang,Dschang





Albedo, Solar Radiation, Surface Temperature, Relative Humidity, Statistical Error Test, Chad.


Surface albedo is one parameter of the climate variables. It influences the surface radiation budget for a given site. The availability of surface albedo data at both temporally and spatially levels are needed. In the lack of ground recorded values of albedo, we have to estimate surface albedo from the climatic variables. The model generated in this study enables the continuous observation of land surface albedo through relative model established from the multivariate regression method. From satellite recorded data, we estimate the ground surface albedo for some selected sites. The result were satisfactory with the root mean square error (RMSE) is 0.035. The Mean Absolute Error (MAE) was computed and indicated to be as low as 0.027 and mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) is 7.58.




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