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Executive Editorial Board


Due to an increase in the number of paper submissions and the need to reduce the turnaround time in the paper review process, IJET is seeking dedicated educators and professionals in the following fields to serve on IJET’s Executive Editorial Board.


Aerospace engineering

Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Civil engineering

Chemical engineering

Computer engineering

Computer science

Construction engineering/Construction management

Electrical engineering

Electronic engineering

Engineering management

Environmental engineering

Manufacturing engineering

Materials engineering

Mechanical engineering


Systems engineering


Executive editorial board members have the responsibilities to review papers in their areas of expertise, submit recommendations to the editor on the suitability of submitted papers for publication, and recommend procedures to increase the efficiency in the paper review and publication processes.


The initial appointment is for a period of one year, and is renewable upon mutual agreement.   Interested individuals should submit their curriculum vitae to



Vol 8, No 1.11 (2019): Special Issue 11

Guest editor: Dr. Avinash Sharma

Table of Contents


Diagnose Mutations Causes Β-Thalassemia: Biomining Method Using an Optimal Neural Learning Algorithm

Ayad Ghany Ismaeel Pages: 1-8

An OCR System for Arabic Calligraphy Documents

Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy, Kamal Jambi, Hany Ahmed, Shaimaa Mohamed, Mohsen Rashwan, Sherif Abdou Pages: 9-15

A Comprehensive Framework for OCR Web Services System for Arabic Calligraphy Documents

Hassanin M. Al-Barhamtoshy, Abdullah S. Al-Ghamdi Pages: 16-24

Using Word Based Features for Word Clustering

Farhan Nashwan, Mohsen Rashwan, Sherif Abdou, Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy Pages: 25-32

Short Text Mining: Machine Learning and Statistical Modelling Approaches Compared

Omar H. Al-Barahamtoshy Pages: 33-39

Developing a System for Big Data Discovery

Sakhr Saleh, Fathy Eassa, Kamal Jambi Pages: 40-46

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Restrictive Approach for the Management of Human Resources

Abderrahmane Ouddasser, Anass Mellouki, Yassine Belyagou Pages: 47-51

The Use of the ERP Systems: What Impact on Management Control Performance?

Hala Hala, Mohamed Achraf Nafzaoui Pages: 52-55

Perception of Social Entrepreneurship in Morocco: A Building Site That Is Just to Be Constructed

Abdallah Rihihil, Souâd Tayane, Karim Gassemi, Mohamed Zahouily Pages: 56-63

Entrepreneurship and Higher Education: An Analysis in Moroccan Universities

Ouazzani Touhami Naoual Pages: 64-68

A Gamified Recommendation Framework

Mohamed Amine Talhaoui, Abderrahmane Daif, Mohamed Azzouazi, Younes Oubrahim Pages: 73-77

Using Teaching Analytics to Reflect on the Teaching Design

Moulay Hachem Alaoui Harouni, El-Kaber El-Kaber, Cherif Ziti Pages: 69-72

Low-cost Smart Architecture for Classroom Response System Using Raspberry: RaspCRS

A. Moulay Taj, A. Abouhilal, N. Taifi, J. Antari, A. Malaoui Pages: 78-83

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), At the Service of Knowledge Sharing in Organizations: Case of the Moroccan Banking Sector.

Mohamed Achraf Nafzaoui, Abdellah Sebbar, Abdelaziz Berdi Pages: 84-87

Managing Human Resources in the Light of Corporate Culture as a Lever for Supply Chain Performance

A. Elmortada, A. Mokhlis, S. Elfezazi, C. E.Mokhlis Pages: 88-96

The Emergence of E-Opinion Leadership on Social Networks: An Unpdated Literature Review

Khouiammi Fatima Ezzahra, Hamadi Chakib Pages: 97-99

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Financing of Their Development by Bond

Omar Kharbouch Ph.D, Driss Daoui Ph.D Pages: 100-106

Smart Educational System: Web-Based Low Cost Remote Laboratory for Electronic Practical Work

A. Abouhilal, A. Moulay taj, N. Taifi, A. Malaoui Pages: 107-112

Indicators of Social Performance: Between Efficiency and Legitimacy

Hamid Amifi, Abderrahim Benlakouiri Pages: 113-117

Sales Volume and Sales Space Correlation in a Retail Store

Anass Lahrache, Taoufik Benkaraache Pages: 118-120

Influence of Advertising on the Adoption of Green Products: The Mediating Role of Innovativeness

Hanane Ahlafi, Noura Noura, Abdelaziz Bahoussa, Mohammed Hassainate Pages: 121-126

The Societal Responsibility of the Companies and Financial Performance: An Unresolved Debate

L. Benazzou, M. A. Nafzaoui Pages: 127-130

Scoreboard Indicators That Should Be Installed in Order To Pilot the Performance

A. El figha, M. Benhrimida Pages: 131-136

Study of the Mechanism of Chromium Removal in Tannary Effluent by Electrocoagulation Through Zeta Potential Measurements

Z. Zaroual, M. Azzi, E. Chainet, Y. Karhat Pages: 137-142

A Hybrid Model to Forecast Financial Time Series Based on Technical Analysis and Support Vector Machines

Houda Benkerroum, Walid Cherif, Cherif Kissi Pages: 143-149

Relationship Between Strategic Planning and Organizational Performance: Case of Moroccan Organizations

M. BELAFHAILI Mohamed, Achraf Nafzaoui, Abdellah SEBBAR, Abdelaziz BERDI Pages: 150-153

Automatic Selection of Speech Data based on Confidence Measure

Mustafa Abdallah, Abdullah M. Moussa, Sherif M. Abdou, Mohsen Rashwan, Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy Pages: 158-160

RANER: RDI Framework for Arabic Named Entity Recognition

Amr M. Sayed, Sherif Abdou, Mohsen Rashwan, Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy Pages: 161-164

An open Architecture for enhancing performance of complex OCR applications

K. Jambi, H. Al-Barhamtoshy, A. Fattouh, A. Al-Ghamdi, F. Eassa, M. Khemakhem Pages: 154-157

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