Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Enhancing rural livelihoods in Tanza-nia : A small-holder farmers’ perspective

Abel Kinyondo, Joseph Magashi Pages: 68-79

DOI: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.7672
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Investigating the relationship between credit risk indicators and timely fulfillment of the customers' obligations (a case study of bank sepah branches in east Azerbaijan and Ardabil regions)

Dariosh Azimi, Younes Badavar Nahandi Pages: 80-86

DOI: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.7737
       Published on: 29-06-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

Stock index manipulation around election announcements: evidence from Pakistan stock exchange

Shahbaz Khan, Razzi Abbas Jafri, Nida Baig, Muhammad Shaique, Muhammad Usman Pages: 87-91

DOI: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.7792
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Do the cultural and behavioral factors have an impact on adoption of international accounting standards?

Olfa Riahi, Walid Khoufi Pages: 92-99

DOI: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.7815
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The role of resistance in incorporating XBRL into financial reporting practices

Adam Krisko Pages: 100-111

DOI: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.7981
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A comparative study of information content of cash flow, cash value added, accounting earnings, and market value added to book value of total assets in evaluating the firm performance

Mohammad Delkhosh, Zahra Malek, Maryam Rahimi, Zohreh Farokhi Pages: 112-117

DOI: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.7987
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Impact of capital structure on profitability and earnings of the firm; a study on Pakistani companies from Non-Financial sector

Hasnain Raza, Faiza Akhtar, Mohsin Rehman, Sehrish Naeem, Muhammad Aamir Ali Pages: 118-123

DOI: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.8082
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