Effect of migration on employment (A case study of district Hangu, Pakistan)


  • Muhammad Arafat university of agriculture Peshawar, IDS






Migration & Employment Opportunities.


When a person leave his/her home place and migrate to other place, he/she may call emigrant. This paper deals with effect of migration on employment. The study was carried out to investigate the pre and post occupation of emigrants. Primary data was conducted from two villages of district Hangu, namely Shnawari and Darband through questionnaire and descriptive statistic was used to achieve the objectives. It is concluded that emigration has significant effect on employment opportunity, before emigration 45.58% people were jobless and the figure dropdown to 1.36% after migration. Most of them are drivers and majority of emigrants have qualified up to matric. They have skill but lack of technical training and the remittance they send have a significant impact on household income.


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