Audit of movable and immovable property foreigners in Iran

  • Authors

    • Shaban Mohammadi Department of Accounting, Quchan Branch,Hakim Nezami University, Quchan, Iran
    • Fatemeh Zahmati
    • Ali Mohammadi
  • Immovable Property, Foreigners, Property Audit, Tax.
  • This article related to the acquisition of immovable property by foreigners and audit of the country of Iran. first, a description of the movable and immovable property provided by the auditors of the situation in Iran. immovable property owned by foreign nationals in accordance with the conventions or that of any of the laws of Iran. raw materials of the civil law relating to immovable property to foreign nationals decide about translation of the original material of the French civil code. with the progress of human civilization and the development of communities and increasing international exchanges and communications and other foreign nationals in any country of the United need to be at least more privacy for citizens known interior there is a benefit. Foreign nationals have the right to freedom of movement and the right to engage in commerce and trade and the exchange of marriage and divorce and property ownership whether movable or immovable have the ability to work and live in the community are not alien to them. today, as in most countries, even the acquisition of immovable property to foreigners and states that this right is recognized foreigners are known to have been in the minority.

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    Mohammadi, S., Zahmati, F., & Mohammadi, A. (2015). Audit of movable and immovable property foreigners in Iran. International Journal of Accounting and Economics Studies, 3(1), 25-28.