The relationship between ownership structure and earnings quality in the French context


  • Wafa Masmoudi Ayadi "Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax"
  • Younes Boujelbène "Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax"





The main objective of this paper is to investigate the relationship between ownership structure and earnings quality, proxied by earnings management and informativeness. This study focuses on a sample of 117 French companies belonging to the SBF 250 index during the period 2003-2011. For our analysis, we use the panel data econometrics and, more specifically, the method of Panel Corrected Standard Errors. The results of linear regressions show that managerial ownership has a positive impact on the earnings management and reveal that ownership concentration and institutional ownership have a positive impact on the earnings informativeness. In addition, the results of this study show the existence of non-linear relationship only for ownership concentration and institutional ownership.

Keywords: Ownership Structure, Earnings Quality, Earnings Management, Earnings Informativeness.


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