Spectrophotometric determination of the stability constant of vanadium(v)-p-chloro-N-phenyl-p-chlorobenzo- hydroxamic acid complex


  • Mustafa Abualreish Dept.of chem Faculty of science Northern Border University
  • A.M. Al msiedeen




The stability constant of the complex vanadium(v) p-chloro-N-Phenyl-p-chlorobenzohydroxamic acid was determined spectropho-tometrically. The ligand p-chloro-N-phenyl-p-chloro-benzohydroxamic acid abbreviated in this paper as PCNPPCBHA was synthesized by the coupling of equimolar solutions of p-chlorobenzoyl chloride and freshly prepared p-chloro-ß-phenyl hydroxylamine; in which the later was prepared by the reduction of p-chloronitrobenzene with zinc powder.

The pH at maximum extraction of the ligand PCNPPCBHA to the metal vanadium(v) and the ratio of the ligand: metal , were determined.

Keywords : Spectrophotometric determination , Vanadium(V) , p - chloro - N - phenyl - p - chloro-benzohydroxamic acid.


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