International Journal of Advanced Chemistry

International Journal of Advanced Chemistry

Title: International Journal of Advanced Chemistry
ISSN: 2310-2977
Publication Frequency: Two issues per year

Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Spectral characterization, microbial activities and toxicity study of some newly synthesized hydrazone derivatives

N. Kalaiarasi, S. Manivarman Pages: 54-60
       Published on: 22-06-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

Synthesis of locust bean gum-based terpolymer bentonite composite: evaluation for indigo carmine adsorption

Vishalakshi Badalamoole, Sirajo Abubakar Zauro Pages: 61-69
       Published on: 06-08-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

On R degrees of vertices and R indices of graphs

Süleyman Ediz Pages: 70-72
       Published on: 06-08-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

Proximate, GC-FID, and micronutrient analysis of ex-tracts of azadirachta indica

Amadi Benjamin, Emelieze Mary, Ogunka-Nnoka Charity, Agomuo Nnabugwu, Amadi Peter Pages: 73-79
       Published on: 26-08-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

Facile preparation of new polystyrene leucomalachite green thick films and study of their radiochromic behavior for low doses of gamma radiation

Anuradha Bera, Shatrughan Malav, Bajrang Lal Tiwari, Shyam Govind Vaijapurkar Pages: 80-85
       Published on: 25-09-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

Spectrophotometric determination of paracetamol in drug formulations with 1 – naphthol

Raymond T. Iorhemen, Aondona M. Iorhemba, Royalty E. Sambo, Winifred U. Nande Pages: 86-90
       Published on: 11-10-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

Synthesis, structural characterization and comparison of experimental and theoretical results by DFT level of molecular structures of 1,2,3-triazoles derived from 5-chloroisatin

Zineb Tribak, Mohammed Skalli, Omar Senhaji, Youssef Kandri Rodi Pages: 91-95
       Published on: 23-10-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

Immobilization of dimethylamine and aniline using soft lignocelluloses material (abelia chinensis sawdust) for controlling striga hermonthica in sorghum field

Rindap Lazwan, Janet Daben, Rechit Agbalaga, Dayil Dashak Pages: 96-101
       Published on: 03-11-2017 0 Views   0 Downloads

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