Generalized Hyers-Ulam-Rassisa Stability of An Additive (β1,β2)-Functional Inequalities With n- Variables In Complex Banach Space


  • ly van an





Additive (β1, β2)-functional inequality, fixed point method, direct method, Banach space, Hyers−Ulam stability.


In this paper we study to solve the o f additive (β1,β2)-f unctional inequality with n−variables and their Hyers-Ulam stability. First are investigated in complex Banach spaces with a fixed point method and last are investigated in complex Banach spaces with a direct method. I will show that the solutions of the additive (β1,β2)-f unctional inequality are additive mapping. Then Hyers−Ulam stability o f these equation are given and proven. T hese are the main results o f this paper .


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