International Journal of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Engineering & Technology

Title: International Journal of Engineering & Technology
ISSN: 2227-524X
Publication Frequency: Four issues per year
Universal Impact Factor = 0.8470 

Vol 4, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Analyzing and evaluation of effective parameters on sound transmission loss of the triple-layered acoustic panels with sound-absorbing middle layer

Nader Mohammadi

Published online: 2015-03-14
Article ID: 4357
Pages: 250-267

Groundwater phosphorus contamination caused by cultural activities (case study: Babol City)

Hamideh Hamedi, Majid Ehteshami, Siyavash Dolati, Seyed Abbas Rasouli

Published online: 2015-03-16
Article ID: 4232
Pages: 268-276

Comparison of numerical and experimental results of water -pipe wall interaction

Ali Heidari, Poria Ghassemi

Published online: 2015-03-20
Article ID: 4278
Pages: 277-282

Study and analysis of discontinuity by using taper baluns

Hussein Aldahhan, Bashar Qas Elias

Published online: 2015-03-29
Article ID: 4396
Pages: 283-287

Delay and cost overrun in road construction projects in Jordan

Nabil Al-Hazim, zaydoun abusalem

Published online: 2015-04-02
Article ID: 4409
Pages: 288-293

Comparative analysis for estimation of the height of training wall of convergent stepped spillway

Prafull Wadhai, Aniruddha Ghare, Narendra Deshpande, Avinash Vasudeo

Published online: 2015-04-02
Article ID: 4312
Pages: 294-303

Pre-particle filtration and moisture control by efficient purging in various inlet and outlet of a 450 mm wafer front-opening unified pod

Bill Chiu, Shih-Cheng Hu, Angus Shiue, Yu-Yun Shiue, Zhe-Yu Huang

Published online: 2015-04-04
Article ID: 4415
Pages: 304-310

Validation of leak test models for pharmaceutical isolators

Shih-Cheng Hu, Angus Shiue, Yu-Min Hsu, Yi-Sung Ke

Published online: 2015-04-05
Article ID: 4432
Pages: 311-319

Reference flipped-differential chaos ‎shift keying scheme for chaos- based ‎communications

Nizar N. Albassam

Published online: 2015-04-12
Article ID: 4014
Pages: 320-326

Secured Transparent Computerized Voting System performance measurements

Enas Elbarbary, Ghada Abdelhady, Hussam Elbehiery, Abdelhalim Zekry

Published online: 2015-04-12
Article ID: 4441
Pages: 327-341

Design of a hierarchical fuzzy model predictive controller

Zeinab Fallah, Mojtaba Ahmadieh Khanesar, Mohammad Teshnehlab

Published online: 2015-04-15
Article ID: 2854
Pages: 342-349