International Journal of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Engineering & Technology

Title: International Journal of Engineering & Technology
ISSN: 2227-524X
Publication Frequency: Four issues per year
Impact Factor: 0.8470 according to 2012 Universal Impact Factor released in 2013

Vol 3, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Large-amplitude dynamic analysis of heterogeneous thin membrane under different loads

Seyed Ali Madani Tonekaboni, Peyman Karimi Eskandary, Sara Jahromi

Pages: 426-434
DOI: .3307
Published online: 2014-09-13
Downloads: 148

Investigations of mechanical behavior in gear pump using design of software

C. Raghunathan, C. Manoharan

Pages: 435-444
DOI: .1917
Published online: 2014-09-15
Downloads: 99

Effect of variation in colour gradient information for optic flow computations

Shobha B N, Govind R. Kadambi, S.R. Shankapal, Yuri Vershinim

Pages: 445-450
DOI: .2722
Published online: 2014-09-17
Downloads: 76

Conception of a new LDPC decoder with hardware implementation on FPGA card

Anas El habti El idrissi, Rachid El Gouri, Hlou Laamari

Pages: 451-456
DOI: .3185
Published online: 2014-09-18
Downloads: 73

Characterization of flow transport within pore spaces of an open-work gravel bed

Susithra Lakshmanan, Gareth Pender, Heather Haynes, William Holmes

Pages: 457-463
DOI: .3430
Published online: 2014-09-27
Downloads: 62

Productivity and costs modeling for tree harvesting operations using chainsaws in plantation forests, Tanzania

Dos Santos Silayo, George Migunga

Pages: 464-472
DOI: .3407
Published online: 2014-09-27
Downloads: 44

Continuity of care in Ghana: the promise of smart-med

Henry Ogoe, Odame Agyapong, Fredrick Troas Lutterodt

Pages: 473-483
DOI: .3569
Published online: 2014-10-02
Downloads: 67

Modeling and experimental analysis of wheel-work interface in the cylindrical plunge grinding process

Tarik Tawfeek

Pages: 484-491
DOI: .3542
Published online: 2014-10-02
Downloads: 60

The structural overview of root and branch concept in transportation management planning

Obed Ndikom

Pages: 492-500
DOI: .1569
Published online: 2014-10-11
Downloads: 34

Evaluation of steps slope on energy dissipation in stepped spillway

Ali Heidari, Poria Ghasemi

Pages: 501-505
DOI: .3561
Published online: 2014-10-12
Downloads: 55

Fuel flow control through a fuzzy servomechanism: a comparative analysis

Victor Castano, Domingo Rangel-Miranda, Daniel Alaniz-Lumbreras,

Pages: 506-511
DOI: .3049
Published online: 2014-10-24
Downloads: 48

Investigating simplified fixed bed design models for the adsorption of fluoride onto crushed burnt clay pot

Beraki Bahre Mehari, Alfred O. Mayabi, Beatrice K. Kakoi

Pages: 512-522
DOI: .3579
Published online: 2014-10-27
Downloads: 96

Improving the fatigue life of steel bars by using Nano-coating technology

Ali Yasir

Pages: 523-528
DOI: .3493
Published online: 2014-11-01
Downloads: 20

Automatic DWT2 thresholding based segmentation of the pigmented skin lesions in dermatoscopic images

Neda Razazzadeh, Mehdi Khalili

Pages: 529-534
DOI: .3536
Published online: 2014-11-01
Downloads: 32

Facial tracking in video transfer using watershed segmentation

Mayilvahanan P, Purushothaman S, Rajeswari P

Pages: 535-539
DOI: .3633
Published online: 2014-11-13
Downloads: 0

Investigation on airfoil operating in Ground Effect region

Nikhil Pillai, Anil T., Aravind Radhakrishnan, Rahul Vinod, Sudheesh Kumar E., Zahir Zaid, Antony Jacob, Manojkumar M.

Pages: 540-544
DOI: .3245
Published online: 2014-11-16
Downloads: 0