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International Journal of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Engineering &Technology (IJET) (ISSN 2227-524X) is a peer reviewed, open access international scientific journal dedicated for rapid publication of high quality original research articles as well as review articles in all aspects of engineering studies and its applications. International Journal of Engineering &Technology is published quarterly by Science Publishing Corporation.

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Vol 3, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Legal and contractual foundations of intellectual property of design of construction projects

Hossein Behsan, Vahid Shahhosseini

Pages: 290-297
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2689
Published online: 2014-06-17
Downloads: 145

PLC-controlled stepper motor drive for NC positioning system

Hussein Sarhan

Pages: 298-307
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2796
Published online: 2014-06-20
Downloads: 132

Performance analysis of landsat5 remote sensing data compression technique used for land use and land cover mapping

Kousalyadevi Rajamanickam, J. Suganthi

Pages: 308-314
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2788
Published online: 2014-06-20
Downloads: 77

Scalability in Ad Hoc Networks:The Effects of its Complex Nature

Juan Ospina López, Jorge Ortiz Triviño

Pages: 315-321
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2828
Published online: 2014-06-22
Downloads: 73

Experimental investigation of enhanced remediation of contaminated soil using ultrasound effect

Adegbola Adeyinka, A.A. Dare, D.S. Popoola, H.A. Saka, A.O. Afolabi

Pages: 322-326
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.1103
Published online: 2014-06-24
Downloads: 101

One-year renal graft survival prediction using a weighted decision tree classifier

Dalia Atallah, Ali Eldesoky, Amira H., Mohamed Ghoneim

Pages: 327-332
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2334
Published online: 2014-07-02
Downloads: 70

The most appropriate mixing method of polypropylene fiber with aggregates and bitumen based on binder mix design

Mohsen Zahedi, Ramin Bayat, Mehdi Nazemi Jalal

Pages: 333-336
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2959
Published online: 2014-07-06
Downloads: 127

Service oriented architecture and privacy preserving mashup of healthcare data

R. Vijayalakshmi, N. Duraipandian

Pages: 337-342
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2139
Published online: 2014-07-09
Downloads: 61

Influence of form deviations on the tolerance analysis

Mouhssine Chahbouni, said Boutahari, Driss Amegouz

Pages: 343-349
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2969
Published online: 2014-07-13
Downloads: 92

Design and implementation of a three axis digitally controlled traverse system for flow surveys in a drying chamber

Achilleas Bardakas, Vasilis Chasiotis, Dimitrios Tzempelikos, Andronikos Filios

Pages: 350-356
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.3044
Published online: 2014-07-17
Downloads: 119

Simulation of the flow inside an annular can combustor

Wael Kadhim, Dhirgham Alkhafagiy, Andrew Shires

Pages: 357-364
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2499
Published online: 2014-08-09
Downloads: 29

Harmonic aggregation techniques for power quality assessment a standard framework

Mohammad Mahdy Share Pasand, Zahra Rahmatian

Pages: 365-371
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.3118
Published online: 2014-08-09
Downloads: 28

Analysis of elastic buckling behavior of steel delta girders

Mohammadali Jafari Sahnehsaraei, Saeed Erfani

Pages: 372-377
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.3059
Published online: 2014-08-11
Downloads: 28

An application phase-modular rectifier applied to MMC with medium voltage based on wind turbine generator

Narin Watanakul

Pages: 378-386
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2996
Published online: 2014-08-25
Downloads: 9

Investigation of jatropha seed oil as austempering quenchant for ductile cast iron

Akor Terngu, Gundu David Terfa

Pages: 387-390
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.1391
Published online: 2014-08-26
Downloads: 7

An analysis of issues in biometric finger identification

Nanda Kumar Veerasamy

Pages: 391-395
DOI :10.14419/ijet.v3i3.2368
Published online: 2014-08-28
Downloads: 2