International Journal of Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Engineering & Technology

Title: International Journal of Engineering & Technology
ISSN: 2227-524X
Publication Frequency: Four issues per year
Universal Impact Factor = 0.8470 

Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Climate change impact on meteorological droughts in watershed scale (case study: southwestern Iran)

Alireza Nikbakht Shahbazi

Published online: 2014-12-09
Article ID: 3782
Pages: 1-11

Lifecycle assessment of a stapling machine

Israel Dunmade

Published online: 2014-12-18
Article ID: 3813
Pages: 12-19

Operational and environmental evaluation of traffic movement on urban streets using GPS floating-car data

Ahmed Elkafoury, Abdelazim Negm, Mohamed Hafez, Mahmoud Bady, Teijiro Ichimurac

Published online: 2014-12-24
Article ID: 3794
Pages: 20-25

Mechanical and metallurgical properties of DP 1000 steel square butt welded joints with GMAW

Ianto Rocha, Ivan Machado, Cintia Mazzaferro

Published online: 2014-12-24
Article ID: 3928
Pages: 26-34

The impact of the concepts of lean manufacturing on the strategies of the supply chain

Jaouad Kazmane, Anas Chafi, Ikram Tajri, Abdelali En-nadi

Published online: 2014-12-27
Article ID: 3936
Pages: 35-47

Developing an approach for decision making units integration using multi objective particle swarm optimization

Abdorrahman Haeri, Kamran Rezaie, Seyed Morteza Hatefi

Published online: 2014-12-30
Article ID: 3775
Pages: 48-53

Faults diagnosis and assessment of transformer insulation oil quality: intelligent methods based on dissolved gas analysis a-review

Ahmed Raisan, M.M Yaacob, Malik Abdulrazzaq Alsaedi

Published online: 2015-01-01
Article ID: 3941
Pages: 54-60

Numerical simulation of air–water two–phase flow in vertical pipe using k-ε model

Ali Sanati

Published online: 2015-01-02
Article ID: 3965
Pages: 61-70

Comparative of wear resistance of low carbon steel pack carburizing using different media

Kharia Salman Hassan

Published online: 2015-01-09
Article ID: 3866
Pages: 71-77

Smart metering application for power efficiency studies

Cristian Tudoran, Stefan Albert, Dorin N. Dadarlat, Carmen Tripon, Sorin Dan Anghel

Published online: 2015-01-10
Article ID: 4154
Pages: 78-89

Easily usable human-device interface for microwave therapy apparatus

Vasile Surducan, Emanoil Surducan, Camelia Neamtu, Nicolae Dadarlat, Radu Ciupa

Published online: 2015-01-11
Article ID: 4159
Pages: 90-96

Software defined radio platform with wideband tunable front end

Daniel Iancu, John Glossner, Gary Nacer, Stuart Stanley, Vitaly Kolashnikov, Joe Hoane

Published online: 2015-01-11
Article ID: 4160
Pages: 97-103

Design and implementation of data collection module for WSN application

Valentina Markova, Teodora Trifonova, Venceslav Draganov

Published online: 2015-01-11
Article ID: 4161
Pages: 104-112

Proposing a model for absorption capacity of technology

Hossein Gholizadeh, Ali Bonyadi Naeini, Alireza Moini

Published online: 2015-01-12
Article ID: 4010
Pages: 113-124

A frame for a computer aided inspection planning system

Wilma Polini, Giovanni Moroni

Published online: 2015-01-14
Article ID: 3937
Pages: 125-138

To model bolted parts for tolerance analysis using variational model

Wilma Polini, Massimiliano Marziale

Published online: 2015-01-14
Article ID: 3962
Pages: 139-148

Experimental analysis on metallic foams-a response surface methodology approach

Osama Ibrahim Abd

Published online: 2015-01-18
Article ID: 4033
Pages: 149-160

Evaluation of explosion loading effects on concrete infrastructures using ABAQUS software

Abolfazl Rahimi

Published online: 2015-01-23
Article ID: 3947
Pages: 161-168

Investigation of applying dampers in elevated water tanks using time-history analysis

Ehsan Rajaie

Published online: 2015-01-25
Article ID: 3950
Pages: 169-186

Development technique for deep drawing without blank holder to produce circular cup of brass alloy

Ali Hassan Saleh, Ammer Khalaf Ali

Published online: 2015-01-29
Article ID: 3516
Pages: 187-195

Identification and analysis of noise sources in the Noor-Abad gas compressor station, Iran

Nader Mohammadi, Kami Mohammadi

Published online: 2015-01-31
Article ID: 4092
Pages: 196-204

Non-linear study of base shear and moment of composite columns in MRFs

Amir Parviz Khosravi Amiri

Published online: 2015-02-07
Article ID: 4144
Pages: 205-208

Experimental investigation of dispersion phenomenon in a fractured porous medium

Ali Sanati, Mohammad Yousefi Khoshdaregi

Published online: 2015-02-10
Article ID: 4136
Pages: 209-213

Heat and mass transfer in binary film evaporation and condensation in vertical channel

Abdelaziz Nasr, Abdulmajeed S. Al-Ghamdi

Published online: 2015-02-11
Article ID: 4082
Pages: 214-226

Study the influence of a new ball burnishing technique on the surface roughness of AISI 1018 low carbon steel

Abd Alkader Ibrahim, Tamer Khalil, Tarik Tawfeek

Published online: 2015-02-15
Article ID: 4181
Pages: 227-232

A quantitative model of technological catch-up

Hossein Gholizadeh, Ali Bonyadi Naeini, Alireza Moini

Published online: 2015-02-24
Article ID: 4203
Pages: 233-243

Development of combined back propagation algorithm and radial basis function for diagnosing depression patients

Bhuvana R., Purushothaman S., Rajeswari R., Balaji R.G.

Published online: 2015-02-27
Article ID: 4201
Pages: 244-249