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Vol 7, No 4.38 (2018): Special Issue 38 Workplace Deviant Behavior among Malaysia hotel Employees. Does organizational Factors Matter? Abstract   PDF
Mazni Alias, Chew Kok Wai, Zauwiyah Ahmad, Abdul Mutalib Azim
Vol 7, No 4.42 (2018): Special Issue 42 Work-Related Symptom and Injuries Among Vehicle Maintenance Worker: an Overview Abstract   PDF
Shukriah Abdullah, Baba Md Deros, Jaharah A. Ghani, Nor Kamaliana Khamis, . .
Vol 7, No 2.23 (2018): Special Issue 23 Works execution organization at reconstruction and renovation of buildings after the fire with usage of slabs lifting method Abstract   PDF
O E. Zyma, E V. Dyachenko, R I. Pahomov, S M. Zhyhylii
Vol 7, No 3.2 (2018): Special Issue 2 World Experience of Using Water Reservoirs in the Structure of Basic Horizontal Planes of an Architectural Object Abstract   PDF
Yana Kuznietsova, . .
Vol 7, No 4 (2018) WorldSkills as means of improving quality of pedagogical staff training Abstract   PDF
Zhanna Venediktovna Smirnova, Ludmila N. Zanfir, Olga Igorevna Vaganova, Natalia Vasilevna Bystrova, Nina Vladimirovna Frolova, Andino Maseleno
Vol 7, No 2.33 (2018): Special Issue 33 Wormhole attack detection in internet of things Abstract   PDF
Mrs. Sneha Deshmukh Bhosale, Dr S. S. Sonavane
Vol 7, No 3.27 (2018): Special Issue 27 Wormhole Attack: a Major Security Concern in Internet of Things (Iot) Abstract   PDF
Swetha Palacharla, M Chandan, K GnanaSuryaTeja, G Varshitha
Vol 7, No 4.40 (2018): Special Issue 40 WP-Rank: Rank Aggregation based Collaborative Filtering Method in Recommender System Abstract   PDF
Sri Lestari, Teguh Bharata Adji, Adhistya Erna Permanasari
Vol 7, No 3.31 (2018): Special Issue 31 Wrapped Lomax Distribution :a New CircularProbability Model Abstract   PDF
R Subba Rao, V Ravindranath, A V.Dattatreya Rao, G Prasad, P Ravi Kishore
Vol 7, No 1.8 (2018): Special Issue 8 WT-ANN based fault discrimination for transmission system Abstract   PDF
P Venkata Lakshmi, P N. S. Poojitha, Y Srinivasrao
Vol 7, No 2.11 (2018): Special Issue 11 WTO: As an Instrument of Dispute Settlement in the International Trade Abstract   PDF
Chitra Bajpai, Priyanka Malik, Chitra Krishnan, Seema Sahai, Richa Goel, Gurinder Singh
Vol 7, No 1.8 (2018): Special Issue 8 XRTSDIC: model transformation from PIM to PSM Abstract   PDF
G Ramesh
Vol 7, No 1.1 (2018): Special Issue 1 X-Slotted circularly polarized antenna with parasitic patches Abstract   PDF
B T P Madhav, Habibulla Khan, B Sri Harsha, P Sai Kumar, M Lavanya, K Veena, M Venkateshwara Rao
Vol 7, No 4.25 (2018): Special Issue 25 X-Type Tilted Quadrotor Flight Dynamic Modeling Abstract   PDF
W. Kuntjoro, M. R. Abdullah, R. E. M. Nasir, J. Jaafar
Vol 1, No 4 (2012) Yagi-Uda Antenna For L-Band Frequency Range Abstract   PDF
Gulshan Sharma, Anand N. Sharma, Ashish Duvey, P. K. Singhal
Vol 7, No 4.39 (2018): Special Issue 39 Yet another Approach for Construction of Cost Sensitive Classifiers for E-Learning Datasets Abstract   PDF
Mr. C.S.Sasikumar, Dr. A.Kumaravel
Vol 7, No 3.29 (2018): Special Issue 29 YouTube: big data analytics using Hadoop and map reduce Abstract   PDF
L Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Dr D. Murali
Vol 3, No 1 (2014) Z notation: A roadmap, This paper has been withdrawn Abstract
Monika Singh, A .K. Sharma
Vol 7, No 2.12 (2018): Special Issue 12 Zadoff-chu sequence based preamble design of fbmc/oqam for 5g Abstract   PDF
Vamshi Krishna Namani, R Arthi
Vol 7, No 2.33 (2018): Special Issue 33 Zero defects through P-M analysis -A case study Abstract   PDF
C Gnanavel, R Saravanan, M Chandrasekaran
Vol 1, No 4 (2012) Zigzag Pattern Metamaterial Structure With Rectangular Patch Antenna This paper has been withdrawn Abstract
Vishav Gaurav Bhartiya, Laxmi Shrivastava
Vol 7, No 2.7 (2018): Special Issue 7 Zonal stable election protocol for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks Abstract   PDF
V Appala Raju, V Sri Harsha, N Bhanu Deepthi, N Prasanth
Vol 7, No 2.33 (2018): Special Issue 33 ZVS based switching technique mitigates the power losses using mosfet based full bridge dc converter Abstract   PDF
Durgam Kumara Swamy, Dr B. V. Sanker Ram
Vol 7, No 2.23 (2018): Special Issue 23 Оrganisation of technological safety of production on military industrial complex Abstract   PDF
Andreeva O N
Vol 7, No 4.8 (2018): Special Issue 8 Сassette Vibration Installation Mathematical Modeling for Compacting Concrete Mix During the Formation Reinforced Concrete Products Abstract   PDF
Mykola Nesterenko Sr., Alexander Maslov, Petro Molchanov, Yulia Salenko
Vol 7, No 4.8 (2018): Special Issue 8 Мanaging Landed Capital: Methodology and Procedure of Absolute Rent Calculation Abstract   PDF
Hryhorii Sharyi, Viktor Dubishchev, Serhii Kobets, Alla Kariuk
Vol 7, No 4.3 (2018): Special Issue 3 Еxperimental Studies of Sliding Bearings of Locomotive Turbochargers by Their Level of Vibration Abstract   PDF
Andrii Pogrebnyak, Andrii Yеvtushenko, Andrii Кravets, Artem Kovtunenko, Igor Tilichko
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