An novel architecture for information hiding using HMAC-MD5

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    Communication in digital form has become the part of day todays lifestyle, in certain moment communication is made secret to avoid others from knowing the information. By providing security to the sensitive data it is ensured that the users data is protected from viewing and accessing by others. In the current discussion about data security, Steganographic algorithm using two mediums has been discussed that involves image based encryption and converting to word file. The stage involving image based encryption uses HMAC-MD5 algorithm along with LSB steganography. LSB technique scatters the secret data which have to be protected over the entire image. Convert the embedded image in word file, so that the secret message is made unavailable to others who try to obtain the file. This method provides greater payload capacity along with higher image fidelity and thus make the proposed system is more robust against attacks.




Article ID: 811
DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v2i2.811

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