Identification and analysis of noise sources in the Noor-Abad gas compressor station, Iran

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    The objective of this study is to identify the sources of acoustic noise (noise pollution) in the Noor-Abad gas compressor station and then to prioritize the station equipment based on noise pollution. First, the key locations inside the station as well as in the surrounding residential area, aka the study area, are determined for the measurement of sound pressure level. Then, the sound pressure level is measured at those points, and the related noise map is produced. Based on the noise map, the noise condition in the study area is evaluated by comparing the measured acoustic parameters with allowable standard values. Dangerous regions and critical points are thus identified. The major noise sources consist of main blowdown, units’ blowdowns, scrubbers, and turbo-compressors. The sound pressure level of main blowdown is measured at two intervals from its position: 80 m inside the station and 600 m outside the station (at the edge of the surrounding residential area). Also, the sound pressure level for a unit blowdown and a scrubber is measured at respectively 25 m and 40 m from their positions. Finally, the station equipment is prioritized based on noise pollution. The analysis of measurement results showed that the main noise sources are, respectively, the station main blowdown, units’ scrubbers, units’ blowdowns, turbo-compressors, and gas pipelines.

  • Keywords

    Gas Compressor Station; Industrial Noise Source; Noise Measurement; Noise Pollution.

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