Vision based Office Automation and Security System using Machine Learning and Internet of Things

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    The paper focuses on two areas, automation and security. Raspberry Pi is the heart of the project and it is fuelled by Machine Learning Algorithms using Open CV and Internet of Things. Face recognition uses Linear Binary Pattern and if an unknown person uses their workstation, a message will be sent to the respective person with the photo of the person who uses the workstation. Face recognition is also being used for uploading attendance and switching ON and OFF appliances automatically. During un-official hours, A Human Detection algorithm is being used to detect the human presence. If an unknown person enters the office, a photo of the person will be taken and sent to the authorities. This technology is a combination of Computer Vision, Machine learning and Internet of things, that serves to be an efficient tool for both automation and security.



  • Keywords

    Facial Recognition; Histogram of Oriented Gradients; Human Detection; Linear Binary Pattern; Raspberry Pi; Support Vector Machine;.

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DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i2.24.11996

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