Potable water: a road map to achieving critical sustainable development goals: the state of usambe community, kwande local government area of Benue state, Nigeria

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    The study assessed the quality of domestic water for drinking purpose in Usambe community of Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State. Two water sources where identified in the study area and samples were collated from each water source. The samples were analyzed for some physical, chemical, and biological properties. The result was compared to the standard limit for drinking water quality set by WHO and the Nigeria Standard for Drinking water Quality (NSDWQ). Findings shows that majority of the physical and chemical properties of the sampled water were in consonance to the standard of WHO and NSDWQ. This includes; pH (7.33 and 7.53), EC (155 and 92µs/cm), TDS (101 and 60mg/l), Ca (2.40 and 4.81mg/l), Mg (5.86 and 3.42mg/l), hardness (30.0 and 26mg/l), alkalinity (11.0 and 43.0mg CaCO3/L), CL (14.7 and 1.87mg/l), NO-3 (1.20 and 0.21mg/l), NO-2 (0.06 an 0.0mg/l), NaCl (19.0 and 10.0mg/l), K (6.0 and 6.0mg/l), PO4 (0.0 and 0.0mg/l), SO43- (0.74 and 0.45mg/l), and P (0.24 and 0.15) for both borehole and stream water samples. For Fe2 (0.97 and 3.26), and turgidity (2.00 and 52.0NTU) only the borehole water met the requirement of WHO and NSDWQ for drinking water, while SS (19.0 and 100mg/l), and the biological properties (total coliform ’56 and 320’ and faecal coliform ’32 and 266’) do not met the standard for drinking water quality (WHO and NSDWQ). In conclusion, only the borehole water is safe for drinking considering its physiochemical constituents, but the presence of bacteria in the form of total coliforms and faecal coliforms renders the quality of the borehole water unhealthy for drinking, unless it is purified. The study recommends among others that; it is pertinent to improve the quantity and quality of water supply to the area, with particular reference to the provision of pipe-borne water to Usambe community.




  • Keywords

    Portable Water; Quality; Usambe; SDG; WHO.

  • References

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