Comparison of estimates using censored samples from Gompertz model: Bayesian, E-Bayesian, hierarchical Bayesian and empirical Bayesian schemes

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    This paper aims to introduce a comparative study for the E-Bayesian criteria with three various Bayesian approaches; Bayesian, hierarchical Bayesian and empirical Bayesian. This study is concerned to estimate the shape parameter and the hazard function of the Gompertz distribution based on type-II censoring. All estimators are obtained under symmetric loss function [squared error loss (SELF))] and three different asymmetric loss functions [quadratic loss function (QLF), entropy loss function (ELF) and LINEX loss function (LLF)]. Comparisons among all estimators are achieved in terms of mean square error (MSE) via Monte Carlo simulation.

  • Keywords

    Bayes estimates; E-Bayes estimates; Empirical Bayes estimates; Gompertz distribution; Hierarchical Bayes estimates.

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