Analysis of deaths in a Nigerian hospital: the case of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Umuahia

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    A Poisson regression model was fitted to the causes of death in Federal Medical Center (FMC), Umuahia. The basic violation of the model which is over-dispersion was confirmed absent with the use of a plot of residual against fitted values, the Pearson statistics and the comparison of the log-likelihoods of the Poisson regression and Negative Binomial regression models. Diseases affecting the excretory and neurological systems respectively were found to be insignificant in the model, while the rest of the other causes of deaths – were found to be significant in the model at 5% level of significance. The leading causes of death in the hospital were determined to be diseases affecting the digestive and circulatory system, injuries, endocrine and neonatal related diseases, and cancers.

  • Keywords

    Poisson Regression; Over-Dispersion; Mortality; Causes of Death; Diseases.

  • References

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