Evaluating system reliability using linear-exponential distribution function

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    Safety is a main criterion to design every system. Among various theories, which are applied to improve system safety, reliability theory is known as a powerful tool to reach higher safety levels in system design. In this paper, a compound of series and parallel systems is considered for reliability improvement. This system includes three items that two items are connected in parallel and their compound item is connected to the third item in series. It's assumed that the items are independent and their longevity follows linear-exponential distribution function. Reliability function of the mentioned system is formulated using linear-exponential distribution function. Then, three improvement methods will be applied to enhance system reliability. In each method, different sets of items will be considered for improvement and their reliability functions will be reformulated. A data analysis will be done in order to compare different improvement methods and a conclusion will be made based on the analyzed data.

  • Keywords

    Improvement Methods; Linear-Exponential Distribution; Reliability Function; Series-Parallel Systems.

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