Confidence intervals for parameters of IWD based on MLE and bootstrap

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    In this paper, we will study the joint confidence regions for the parameters of inverse Weibull distribution (IWD) in the point of view of record values. Based on this new censoring scheme, the approximate confidence intervals and percentile bootstrap confidence intervals as well as approximate joint confidence region for the parameters of IWD, are developed. One of the applications of the joint confidence regions of the parameters is to find confidence bounds for the functions of the parameters. Joint confidence regions for the parameters of extreme value distribution are also discussed. In this way we will discuss some numerical examples with real data set and simulated data, to illustrate the proposed method. A simulation study is performed to compare the proposed joint confidence regions.

    Keywords: IWD, Progressively First-Failure Censored Scheme, MLE Confidence Intervals, Bootstrap Confidence Intervals.

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