Bayesian and E-Bayesian estimation for the Kumaraswamy distribution based on type-ii censoring

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    This paper introduces the Bayesian and E-Bayesian estimation for the shape parameter of the Kumaraswamy distribution based on type-II censored schemes. These estimators are derived under symmetric loss function [squared error loss (SELF))] and three asymmetric loss functions [LINEX loss function (LLF), Degroot loss function (DLF) and Quadratic loss function (QLF)]. Monte Carlo simulation is performed to compare the E-Bayesian estimators with the associated Bayesian estimators in terms of Mean Square Error (MSE).

  • Keywords

    Censored Sampling; E-Bayes Estimates; Kumaraswamy Distribution; Type-II Censored; Loss Functions; Monte Carlo Simulation.

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