Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Pain Management Barriers in Critical Care Units: A Qualitative study

Abdul-Monim Mohammad Batiha

Pages: 1-5
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.1494
Published online: 2013-11-26
Downloads: 499

Impact of Radiotherapy Treatment on Jordanian Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life and Fatigue

Kholoud Abu Obead, Abdul-Monim Mohammad Batiha, Mohammed Said Al-Jauissy, Fadwa Alhalaiqa, Mohammed AlBashtawy

Pages: 6-12
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.798
Published online: 2013-11-26
Downloads: 343

Critical thinking; issues in nursing education and practice

Clara Oniovokoyubu Aagbedia, Joseph Ogbe

Pages: 13-17
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.1200
Published online: 2013-12-23
Downloads: 344

The contamination of intravenous fluids by writing on the infusion bag: Fact or fiction?

James Daniel Langston, William Patrick Monaghan, Mellissa Bush

Pages: 18-19
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.1381
Published online: 2014-01-02
Downloads: 267

Sticky situation: best practice to secure endotracheal tubes in the operating room

Adam Davies, Meagan Murphy, W. Patrick Monaghan Monaghan, Cameron Cushenbery

Pages: 20-23
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.1526
Published online: 2014-02-03
Downloads: 96

Celebrating UNAM-Oshakati Campus health day/world health day: a community service: professional and personal life experiences

Lusia N. Ndahambelela Pinehas, NN. Shifiona, KKI. Shikongo

Pages: 24-26
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.1641
Published online: 2014-03-05
Downloads: 52

Health promoting lifestyles of Jordanian university students

Omar Alkhawaldeh

Pages: 27-31
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.1931
Published online: 2014-04-08
Downloads: 33

Predicting post-deployment family adaptation in U.S. Navy families

Micah Scott, Esther Condon, Arlene Montgomery, Spencer Baker

Pages: 32-41
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i1.2316
Published online: 2014-04-09
Downloads: 64