Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Quality of Preterm Infants’ Night Sleep: and Online Community-Based Survey of Maternal Factors and Perceptions of Infants’ Nighttime Awakenings and Sleep Problems

Reem Ali, Wendy Hall, Fay Warnock, Sabrina Wong, Pam Ratner

Pages: 59-64
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i2.2412
Published online: 2014-06-25
Downloads: 251

Barriers to living kidney donation among relatives of patients with chronic renal failure in south Africa

Pretty Mbeje, Mary Moleki, Makombo Ganga-Limando

Pages: 65-68
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i2.2343
Published online: 2014-07-02
Downloads: 135

Assessment of healthy lifestyle habits among Mosul university students

Nasir Younis

Pages: 69-73
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i2.2593
Published online: 2014-07-27
Downloads: 448

An educational programme to facilitate reflective practice of registered nurses in training hospitals in Windhoek

L. N. Nelumbu, A. van Dyk

Pages: 74-77
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i2.2383
Published online: 2014-07-30
Downloads: 102

Knowledge of sociology of development applied to nursing practice by registered nurses in public training hospitals in Namibia

Katriina Kuna I. Shikongo

Pages: 78-83
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i2.2904
Published online: 2014-08-25
Downloads: 35

The effect of health education programs for parents about breakfast on students' breakfast and their academic achievement in the north of Jordan

Mariam M. Kawafheh, Falastine R. Hamdan, Shalabia El-Sayed Abozeid, Hani Nawafleh

Pages: 84-89
DOI :10.14419/ijans.v3i2.2482
Published online: 2014-09-15
Downloads: 21